Shinrin Yoku Forest Soap

$9.00 each

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Shinrin Yoku Forest Walk Soap

Pure Natural Soap.  Feeling stressed out?  Need some outdoor time?  Nature is strong medicine.  You will love this bar that smells just like a walk in the forest!  Take advantage of natures distressing abilities.  Nature is strong medicine! This handcrafted soap features essential oils of:  pine, rosemary, cedar, tangerine, camphor & vetiver, along with tallow, Agape's Prize Goat Milk, coconut oil, rice bran oil, food grade lye, castor oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, honey from Stones Honey Haven and micas .

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There are five main characteristics that define a bar of soap: 

1) Hardness: Soap should be hard enough to stand up to a series of uses. If it is too soft, it won't last very long. Park Bench Naturals has formulated a bar that lands at the 90% mark for recommended degree of hardness.

2) Cleansing: Isn't that the whole point of using soap? Park Bench Naturals soaps are formulated at 100% of the recommended degree for Cleansing Properties.

3) Conditioning: We still hear stories of "grandma's lye soap" that was so harsh it could take a hide off! Nobody wants anything to do with that! Park Bench Naturals Soaps are formulated at the 75% of maximum mark for Conditioning Properties. This means that our soaps will clean (remember point #2 above) without stripping natural oils. You have seen the commercials for certain soaps that claim to be super conditioning because they contain 1/4 oils (25%)? Well ours contain 64%! 

4) Bubbly: This is difficult for many soap makers to get the hang of, but Park Bench Naturals formula lands at 96% of the Maximum recommended level for the Bubbly property!

5) Creamy: Usually increasing the bubbly factor in soap will decrease the stability and creaminess of it's lather, but Park Bench Naturals formula has been well researched and lands with a solid 94% of the Maximum recommended level for the Creamy factor.

NOTE:  Labels and ingredients may vary from photos as each product is handcrafted.  None of our products are ever tested on animals, that is what our friends and family are for.  Are you looking for a product that contains or doesn't contain certain ingredients?  Feel free to reach out to us, we can probably help you out!


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