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Headache: A blend of essential oils to combat headaches, roll onto temples, Mastoid Process (bone behind the ears), back of neck and other painful areas.

Headache Essential Oil Roll-on: Park Bench Naturals has blended our Headache Pure Essential Oil Blend with a fantastic calendula infused organic olive oil. Our customers combat their headaches by rolling this Headache blend onto temples, Mastoid Process (bone behind the ears), back of neck and other painful areas.

Park Bench Naturals Roll~On Headache stick is a blend of pure essential oils mixed to perfection with a carrier oil that has been infused with the healing properties of organically grown Calendula.  It is super easy to carry in your pants or jacket pocket or to toss in your purse.  Some of our customers like to keep one at their desk as well as one in their car and another one in their pocket.  Simply whip it out and roll it onto temples, back of neck, the mastoid bone behind the ear, achey areas, wrists, soles of feet and just over the navel.

For external use only. Keep out of eyes and sensitive areas.

Contains Premium oils and botanicals including anise, basil, calendula, eucalyptus, frankincense, hemp, lavender, lemongrass, olive oil, peppermint, rosemary and wintergreen

net .35 oz/ 9.92 gm

This is a Kentucky Proud Product

Made Just 4U in Manitou KY

Remember that Park Bench Naturals does not test any of our products on animals.  That is what our friends and family are for.

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